"Sowersby is a dedicated bedroom producer, throwing a woolly fog over his dense creations: all compressed drums, tape hiss and reverb-drenched fuzz." - Rolling Stone

Sunbeam Sound Machine is the brainchild of talented Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Nick Sowersby. On "Wonderer," Sowersby has honed in on his reverb soaked psychedelic chill-wave sound that blends the best of early Tame Impala and Washed out.
 I found out about this band while randomly searching for bands on Bandcamp, and became a fan immediately. I got the chance to design an entirely new cover for the albums U.S. release on Echo Drug Recordings.

The cover art was inspired by the psychedelic soundscapes and dream pop vibes I heard on the record. By layering a handful of photos I shot of mountains, with a spectrum of color waves and textures, I wanted to take the viewer on a visual journey to accompany them while listening to the album. Creative direction, illustration, design and vinyl concepts by me.

Pressing information:
All 300 copies of the band's debut record sold out in a few hours. The limited edition vinyl breaks down as follows:
•  50 / multi-colored sunburst vinyl copies
•  100 / yellow with blue and green splatter vinyl copies
•  150 / fluorescent yellow-green vinyl copies​​​​​​​

Official Site / Sunbeam Sound Machine
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