"With Nowhere's Matthew Rolin, his inspiration like so many before him also seems steeped in spite. Playing every instrument, singing and recording every note, he's taken giant steps while locked away with each new project of his to where any irony of this latest effort 'Invisible World', certainly, is not lost in the mix. Dialed in and deftly adding to the sum of his influences; further building the psych-rock Tower of Babel atop such solid foundations of Syd Barrett and the Paisley Underground's Rain Parade, to even that of some of its newest constructs with Dungen and Tame Impala, Nowhere's third full length album, from beginning to end, strives to be one of the best listens of the year. Just bubbly enough for pop, just driven enough for rock, and just tweaked out enough for psych, about the only problem with this album is that each listen through conjures up dreams of a happy haze kaleidoscope of hot summer days." - Michael James Pultz (Loop Music)

Nowhere is the musical outlet for Cleveland, Ohio's MatthewRolin. A multi-instrumentalist genius, Rolin writes, plays, andrecords all of his music himself. On his third album, "InvisibleWorld" his psychedelia, dream pop melodies and infectioushooks take you off to a far away land. My direction for thisalbum cover art was playing off of the song lyrics from ‘Invisible Girl’ where Rolin writes about a girl smoking a cigarette andin her glasses a reflection of the invisible world she’s living in.

Pressing information:
All 300 copies of the band's debut record sold out in a mere couple hours. The limited edition vinyl breaks down as follows:
•  50 / multicolored splatter vinyl copies
•  50 / half translucent teal and half opaque blue vinyl copies
•  100 / yellow with white swirl vinyl copies
•  ​​​​​​​100 / purple marble vinyl

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