In 2020, I was commissioned by Los Angeles / New York City rock duo Electric Palace to create their album art and packaging for their debut album, "Pretend."

The word pretend can evoke the feelings of want, need, hope, faith and loss.
I wanted a cover that sparked an emotion, but left the interpretation up to the viewer. Who is real and who is imaginary? Which one is holding onto the "pretend?" Is it a love lost or a love desired? We may pretend things, people, places and scenarios, exist or don’t exist, and wonder whether they are real, or imaginary in our minds. For a relatively unknown band, having an eye-catching album cover can prompt a listen and a possible purchase. I wanted to create something bold and iconic that would grab the consumer's attention and entice curiosity. With the absence of the band's name on the cover, it was necessary to boldly include the name on the back cover, reminiscent of the giant subway posters in New York City. The goal was to make people curious enough to pick up the record, turn it over, and have their question answered, "We are Electric Palace, and this is our album "Pretend." Creative direction, design and vinyl concepts by me.

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